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In case you’re not aware, there are a ton of pitbulls in need of homes outside of Ontario; any of them born after 2005 are illegal and must be adopted out of province. If you’re looking to adopt a pitbull into your family, adopt one from an area that has BSL, and go the extra mile for a dog that needs your help to find their fur-ever home. This is absolutely not saying that everyone should go out and adopt a pitbull right now ASAP, but if the time is right, here are a few dogs being fostered in Ontario awaiting their fur-ever homes;

**Logan is looking for a forever home OUTSIDE of Ontario**


Do you like to have fun? Is fun an integral part of your everyday routine? Are you looking for a canine companion to instigate and share in this fun? Then pick me, Logan! I am a moderately active boy. I need a couple of good walks a day as well as some training and play sessions. As long as my needs are met I am happy to relax and chew a bone or play with my toys. I really enjoy being with my people, but am also good in my crate for when they have to go to work. I am very clean in the house and also easy to clean! I do not mind being bathed, brushed or having my nails done. Being the young boy that I am I do need to be supervised as I am very curious and occasionally take something that isn’t mine. I love to learn new things and enjoy working for food. My foster mom says I am very agile, like I have springs built into my feet. She thinks perhaps agility or frisbee would be a great sport for me. I also love to chase things and am very movement focused. My foster mom is working with me to help build focus towards the person at the end of my leash and not the world of small animals zooming by.. Due to my love of motion and chase I am not suited to a home with cats or other small furry/feathered friends. My foster mom is working on my behaviour to be polite around them, but I find them so very stimulating that my over-excitement gets the better of me. I would be best with another dog and or fish only home. I enjoy the company of other dogs but am still learning how to play with them respectfully. I can be very persistent and like to throw my weight around when I wrestle. I do listen when they tell me to back off, but it seems I have a short memory and go back to try again and again. With the right companion we could be great friends, though I would be fine as an only dog as well. I do have some mild allergy issues that make me a little itchy, but they are easily controlled with a good quality food and do not affect my quality of life. Most importantly don’t forget about the fun! My foster mom calls me a goof cause I’m always smiling and trying to make her laugh. I promise you won’t have a boring day with me as your best friend! Please visit our website 


Getting a pet is a huge responsibility – another life who depends on you 100%, who you must care for, look after, and be responsible for 100%. That includes not only food, water, and shelter, but love, vet care, and the sacrifices which can occur when owning a dog. Not everyone is at the right point in their life to be able to welcome in a new family member. Recognizing not only this but also what breed best suits your lifestyle is very important when looking for a furry partner in crime. There are other ways to help in the meantime, like donating or fostering. The following are rescues which

Scout supports;

Bullies In Need

All Breed Canine Rescue


If you have items you’d like to donate at any time during the year but aren’t sure where to bring them – Please send to Spaw Boutique –  844 King St W, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1P1, Canada and Scout will gladly ensure they get to a rescue he supports