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About Scout

Scout was once the dog that was given up on. He was neglected, mistreated, and underfed. But since he was rescued and given a second chance, he has flourished into one of the cuddliest pit bulls you will ever encounter. He spends his days surrendering to his cat brothers, longing for road-trips and ear scratches, and of course, balancing anything on his very flat (and kissable) head. In recent months he’s grown to love his new giant sister Rudy, who hasn’t mastered the art of balancing but tries to eat anything remotely edible off of Scout’s head.

About Jen

Jen is Scout’s owner and has been quietly running Stuff on Scout’s Head for two years, in the hopes that it will educate people about how smart, loyal, loving and patient pit bulls can really be. Through this blog, Jen and Scout hope to raise awareness about Breed Specific Legislation (please read more about it here), the importance of rescuing dogs and the important work animal shelters do. They have been humbled every day by the support they have received from all over the world (Thank you!). They also immensely enjoy receiving stories and pictures about cats, dogs, parrots and any other pet that has brought joy to people’s lives, please keep them coming.